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    Charleston Chiropractor


    Numerous individuals will experience back and neck pain throughout their lifetime, some of this pain might be due to an accident, or simply as a result of repetitive motions. Our qualified Charleston chiropractors are trained, licensed, and insured to help clients through painful injuries and managing chronic pain. We work hard to alleviate our patients from all levels of pain and discomfort through our regulated and targeted chiropractor services. The first step to healing is the identification of areas of concern and the customization of the treatment plan that is created for our individual client.

    About Us 

    Each and every client that walks through our doors has a tailored experience that addresses their concerns and individual health. We work with clients with maternity-related aches and pains and alleviate symptoms such as migraines, headaches, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, arm pain and so much more. The work that we do is important and integral to the regained mobility and function of our clients. Working with our chiropractors is a dream as we completely mold your experience to fit the specific needs of each customer. We proudly serve our Charleston community with the highest level of skill and service possible, while tailoring the practice to fit the needs of our client.

    Our Services

    Looking for a chiropractor in Charleston? Only skilled, licensed, and registered members of our chiropractic team will always perform our service. We have invested in the continued education and certification of all staff working with our clients, this ensures that not only are you receiving the highest customer service possible, but you are receiving the absolute best adjustments as well. Our services include chiropractic adjustment, back and neck pain, massage therapy, and so much more. Not only do we help clients who find themselves in pain due to repetitive tasks, but also those who have suffered car accidents, work injuries, and even sports injuries. We strive to be the best Charleston chiropractor for your pain-relief and chiropractic adjustment needs.

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    Chiropractic Adjustment

    Adjustments performed by our licensed and certified chiropractors could be the answer that you have been searching for. With years of dedicated service and overwhelming results, we have seen lives change with the help of our experts. Adjustments can help alleviate chronic pain, headaches, and shoulder pain from clients, leaving them in a more comfortable and functional condition. The first step to any adjustment is our full comprehensive assessment. Our trained professionals will take the necessary time and attention to diagnose and identify areas of concern prior to making any adjustments.

    Back Pain and Neck Pain

    Neck and back ailments can cause enormous suffering for those with injuries or misalignments. We take on the task of helping all of our clients out of the pain, and into a more fulfilled and enjoyable life. Back and neck pain can be managed with the help of manual and instrument-assisted techniques as is seen fit by our licensed professionals. Through concentrated treatment plans and individualized programs, you are sure to see the difference that we bring to hundreds of clients' lives.

    professional chiropractor specialist helping a patient with back pain and neck pain
    professional chiropractor specialist working on car accident injuries

    Car Accident Injuries

    Car accidents can be absolutely traumatizing to the body, as well as the mind. Our team’s main goal is to help you through this time of uncertainty and adjustment by providing tailored plans. Our individualized approach allows our customers the opportunity to work through a variety of different issues, and focus on our main goal, which is always a relief. Don’t let the accident that you have endured by the end of the life that you love, instead, let us help get you back to your full function by utilizing our proven methods.

    Massage Therapy

    Massage therapy conducted by our team members has proven a great relief for muscle spasms, preventative care, and pinched nerves! We work thoroughly through the anatomy of our customers to ensure that the area of concern is addressed along with the relationship between the spine, nerves, muscles, and of course joints! Massage therapy is a great solution for any person looking to gain preventative care while gaining relief for existing conditions.

    professional chiropractor specialist working massage therapy
    professional chiropractor specialist helping with work injuries

    Work Injuries

    Taking care of injuries afflicted through the course of your work is important if left untreated your injuries could lead to long-lasting ailments. We work with insurance companies and employers in order to provide exceptional care for workers who were injured on the job. Your recovery process should be taken with priority! We ensure that every step is taken to deliver relief from your work-related injury through our comprehensive chiropractor services.

    Sport Injuries

    The efficient and effective relief of pain for sports injuries is important! Our team offers just this with our complete chiropractic solutions for a wide variety of ailments stemming from sport-related injuries. Call our team today to set up your comprehensive evaluation and begin the healing process sooner than ever!

    professional chiropractor specialist working with sport injuries

    Contact Us For More Information

    A simple can change the trajectory of your life. Working with our professional chiropractors is a sure way to alleviate your overwhelming pain, reduce inflammation, and provide preventative care. Your phone call to our office will be met by welcoming and knowledgeable individuals who are excited to help you towards a healthier, better moving tomorrow. Contacting our team has never been easier with our online form that requests a general overview of your request, a call to our office, or an email that reaches us directly. If you are unable to reach our agents, you are sure to receive a prompt response within twenty-four hours of the first contact!

    professional chiropractor specialist working with neck pain

    “WOW! These guys really know what they are doing. They completely changed my mobility and pain scale in a matter of fewer than five visits. I could not thank you enough for giving me my life back.” Lance F

    professional chiropractor specialist working with accident injuries

    “Overwhelmingly positive experience had here, my son had a football injury and needed continued care to ensure he did not suffer from prolonged injuries. The office is absolutely great, they all seem to love their jobs!” Debra Y.

    professional chiropractor specialist adjusting

    “Very nice office, the entire experience was great overall. I would recommend their services to friends and family looking for a quality chiropractor.” Erin P.