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Back Pain and Neck Pain

professional chiropractor specialist helping with neck pain

Our team is equipped to handle back pain and neck pain cases throughout Charleston and beyond! With proven results and countless happy customers, we have been proud to serve our community with a top tier chiropractor practice. Neck and back pain left untreated, can be devastating to individuals who ail from chronic pain. We take the appropriate steps to assess clients, offer customized programs, and follow up on the patron to ensure that our services are working for the individual. Relief from continuous pain can be absolutely life-changing, we aim to help enhance the lives of customers by utilizing effective methods of adjustment

Back Pain 

Back pain regularly brings patients into our office with complaints of muscle pain, unexplained lower-back pain, or sciatica. These conditions can lead to uncomfortable pain that follows individuals throughout their days if not treated. We help stop the cycle of chronic pain by utilizing one or multiple of our spinal manipulation and adjustment methods. Lower back and hip pain can both be treated by a licensed chiropractor that holds the certification necessary to perform adjustments. We offer uncompromised results to clients who are looking for relief from a variety of ailments, including back pain.

Neck Pain 

The discomfort of neck pain can be devastating to individuals, not only does the pain cause swelling but it can hold pressure. Chiropractic therapists help relieve this overwhelming pain and pressure by properly realigning the joints throughout the neck using manual or instrument-assisted methods. Neck pain can be caused by a variety of different scenarios, but no matter how you first acquired the injury, the pain can be unbearable. We work with clients to create an individualized plan that works with the client and their situation.


Considering all the viable options for the alleviation of lower back pain is important when deciding which method will be effective. With our years of experience and certification, our chiropractors are able to deduct what will work for your particular situation. Some popular methods include toggle drop, lumbar roll, release work, table adjustments, instrument adjustments, and so much more. We take the time to understand the complexity of your pain and create a comprehensive plan to help you through this time of discomfort and pain.

Manual Vs. Instrument 

Taking care of neck and back pain can demand the utilization of various techniques; two of these include manual therapies and instrument-assisted therapies. Depending on the symptoms presented, our chiropractors will be able to take advantage of the benefits of each method for your individual therapy. A benefit of instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy is the opportunity for our professionals to diagnose and treat any tension found in the muscle. Manual therapy, on the other hand, does a fantastic job at stretching the neck and back muscles, and with the addition of resistance techniques, you can find real relief with a comprehensive visit to your chiropractor.

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