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Car Accident Injuries

professional chiropractor specialist helping a patient with car accident injuries

The traumatizing effect that a car accident can have on the body can be devastating if not addressed. One way to mitigate any lasting and consuming pain is through a visit to a licensed chiropractor. If you were a victim in a car crash it is integral that your injuries are taken care of as soon as possible by a professional chiropractor. A common injury that is incurred during a car accident is whiplash; whiplash can be addressed and treated with an individualized plan by your expert chiropractor.


Methods used to help clients who have sustained injuries through vehicle collision can be non-invasive! Even though you may be experiencing astronomical pain, you can take advantage of small adjustments that aim to relieve injuries incurred. We work with clients who have searched for relief from the pain caused by the impact on the spine and the surrounding tissues and of course nerves with great success. Our methods are comprehensive and offer great relief and a plan for a full recovery. To find out how our team can help you begin to feel relief and start the road to recovery, contact our office by phone or email today!


Not all whiplash injuries present the same! Some injuries can present mild while others can be very severe. Some of the common symptoms associated with whiplash include neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, blurred vision, and dizziness, ringing in the ears, depression, and difficulty sleeping. Chiropractors can help guide you to a road of recovery through the correction of the injury by treatment. Treating the problem caused by the initial accident is essential to avoiding long-term problems! Your health should be a priority, and when you entrust your chiropractor adjustments to us, it is.


Accidents can be overwhelming; this is why some individuals who are involved in accidents might not realize that they might have injuries associated with the crash. The trauma caused the car accident can present itself days, weeks, and even months following the initial accident, and by this time the injury can lead to more long-term effects. If you have been injured in an accident and your neck received trauma, the injury can be addressed and corrected through professional adjustments provided by our team of chiropractors. It is always important to ensure the trauma has been addressed as soon as possible to ensure full recovery!

Resulting Injuries 

Understanding the importance of seeking professional help following a vehicle collision is important. Not only do you require a physician’s assessment to ensure there is no spine or major trauma, but you will likely require ongoing chiropractic care. Resulting injuries from a vehicle accident can include disc bulges and herniation. Other resulting injuries include broken bones in the spine, damaged nerves, and pulled muscles. Resulting injuries from car accidents can have lasting and devastating results if not identified and rectified by professionals. We offer an expert chiropractic service to our community members who are looking for relief following automobile accidents.

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