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Sport Injuries

chiropractor expert helping with sport injuries

We offer licensed and insured chiropractor services to our community members of Charleston, SC and beyond. Our sports injury chiropractor services are meant to fit the diverse needs of athletes throughout Charleston. We offer rehabilitation services to help get you back to your feet! Along with our rehabilitation packages, we offer preventative chiropractor services that aim to help mitigate future injuries and pain suffered by those performing specific activities. By choosing to utilize the regular services of a chiropractor you are able to manage your health and prevent future sports injuries such as neck pain, and back pain.

Common Sports-Related Injuries

There are common body parts that can become compromised through regular sporting activities, these include tendons, ligaments, joints, fascia, and of course the bone. The injuries leave individuals with a variety of different injuries. Neck and pain is the most common affliction that will bring persons who practice sports into our office. Pain associated with sports injuries includes labral tears, ankle sprains, rotator and shoulder cuff tears, and overuse of joints and sciatica. We help clients with these ailments and all other injuries through their recovery and back into health with our chiropractic service.


Our clinic invests the necessary time and resources to fully understand your specific condition or injury. It is crucial that we fully diagnose your current condition and understand how your injury is unique to you and therefore how we can ensure you are put on the most suitable treatment plan. The team along with the rest of the staff utilized a variety of proven and industry-leading techniques to create your very own customized treatment in order to help you maintain, and regain a strong healthy active lifestyle.


The list of injuries or conditions that we treat each and every day includes a wide variety of body ailments from acute lower back pain to chronic headaches. Some common sports injuries that we see our tennis elbow, jumpers knee or swimmer shoulder. Our team is proud to offer mobilization therapies, massage therapy, medical acupuncture, manipulation therapy and many more proven and impactful chiropractic techniques. Our team strongly believes that your treatment is a necessary progression from passive treatments to much more active and self-directed forms of chiropractic care that involves methods of stretching as well as exercising. We are eager and excited to collaborate with our clients to ensure they are placed on an ideal and customized treatment plan to recover.

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We ensure that our team undergoes strict and routine training to consistently deliver reliable and supportive chiropractic service to our community. Our chiropractors and other well trained professional staff members are equipped with industry-leading equipment and resources to help our clients achieve their total wellness goals while re-gaining and maintaining their active lifestyle. We are dedicated to providing a world-class team of healthcare professionals that go above and beyond to treat, rehabilitate and educate our community.

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